Gardeners’ tips and tricks to deter neighbours’ cats from using their gardens as a toilet!

Ground cover plants are good for stopping cats peeing and pooping in your garden as the soil is inaccessible

This post is about some tips and tricks that gardeners might employ if they are concerned about neighbours’ cats coming into their garden, digging around in the soil and going to the toilet. It happens and it causes an enormous amount of upset to the dedicated gardener who has spent donkeys years cultivating their …

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UK police want cat owners to use GPS cat tracking collars

GPS tracking collar for cats is an item which is recommended by the UK police force.

Through one of their policewomen acting as a spokesperson, it appears that the UK police want cat owners to purchase GPS tracking collars for their cats after a spate of cat poisonings in Swindon. It seems to me, that the police want indoor/outdoor, unsupervised domestic cats to wear GPS tracking collars because it will …

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