Why do cats scratch some owners more than others?

Stress and irritability can lead to more cat scratches

I’d like to focus on one aspect of cat caregiving and a vital one. There is no doubt that a small percentage of cat owners are scratched by their cat not infrequently while other cat owners are hardly ever scratched. We don’t have percentages as there is no data on this. Socialised and healthy …

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Do you sometimes yell at your cat or dog?

Never shout or yell at your cat or dog

If you have sometimes yelled at your cat or dog I wouldn’t blame you. Perhaps you are very stressed. It is very easy to be stressed nowadays. The world is very stressful! There’s all kinds of things which stress people including, in the UK, scammers. The UK is drowning in scammers. Scammers on the …

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Your cat swallows after you have physically interacted with her. Why?

Well selected cats can benefit ASD kids and the cats cope well

For years now I have noticed that my cat sometimes swallows 1-3 times after I have physically interacted with him. What do I mean by ‘physical interaction’? It might be flea combing him. That’s a good example. It is a pleasant experience for both of us. He actively asks for it. Or your cat …

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