Can my pet be buried with me? USA and UK discussed

Cat grave in Chernobyl

Can my pet be buried with me? This is a question I had asked myself since long before I lost my dog Dreyfuss in September. Have any of you asked yourself this question? My daughter Laura thinks I’m crazy because when I die, I want the cremated remains of my dog Dreyfuss to be …

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Founder of cat sanctuary vents her anger at person who abandoned cats

Cats dumped at cat shelter anonymously and secretively

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary founder and sole owner and operator, a gutsy, determined and committed women, Laurie Zaleski, vents her anger at the unknown person who secretively abandoned 21 cats outside her cat sanctuary. She is right to do it. This is the sort of person I admire. Not a lot of people …

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American veterinarians’ excuse for declawing is plain wrong

NJ vets have a poor argument as to why they declaw cats

For quite a while the American state of New Jersey has been debating a ban on declawing cats. It looks as if it is bogged down in the legislature to me but there is hope that the draft law will pass one day. As usual the veterinarians lobby the politicians through their association to …

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Animal shelter managers charged with two counts of third-degree animal cruelty

Former Hamilton shelter director Todd Bencivengo, left, and Hamilton Health Officer Jeffrey Plunkett. Photo:

Two senior managers of the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter, Todd Bencivengo, 56, the former director and Jeffrey Plunkett, 62, the health officer, have been charged with two counts of third-degree animal cruelty and one count of second-degree official misconduct. They’ve been accused of euthanizing 236 cats and 93 dogs before they’d been held for …

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Getting real monetary compensation when you lose your cat through negligence or abuse

Scruffles' Law

The lawmakers of New Jersey, USA are discussing an amendment to the existing law. Please read this article because it’s important. About animal rights Ultimately, this change in the law in New Jersey is about animal rights. It’s about improving animal rights and giving animals more value. This is very important and a reflection …

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Nobody can own a cat which causes a nuisance by squalling or crying and disturbing the neighborhood

Howling cat

This is an interesting, potentially new law currently being debated by the Princeton City Council, USA. An ordinance (law) is going through the legislative process at the council and has reached a second reading of an amendment of the ordinance which was unanimously approved. If the law passed and was enacted it would prevent …

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