Speciesism is applied less by the British compared to New Zealanders

What is speciesism?

A survey carried out by the University of Exeter concerning the difficulties of distinguishing between wildcats and feral cats in order to control feral cat populations, came to the conclusion that speciesism is applied less often in Britain than in New Zealand. What is speciesism? It is valuing one species of animal above another. …

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New Zealand is banning cats from new communities. Thin end of the wedge?

Cats banned from new housing developments in New Zealand

The New Zealand website stuff.co.nz quite often publishes articles about cats and they are all negative. The basic MO is to get rid of them because their native species are being gobbled up by the evil devils. I get it but it is a bit OTT to an outsider. The Kiwis and Aussies are …

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New Zealand journalist loves domestic cats and wants to shoot feral cats. Crazy?

Patrick Gower who sees nothing wrong in shooting feral cats

Patrick Gower is mixed up in my opinion. He has a Wikipedia page so he has some influence. And he supports the North Canterbury hunting competition in New Zealand which attracted so much criticism recently as it entailed kids of 14 shooting at feral cats that could be domestic cats. Other animals are in …

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New Zealand’s junior school kids love to shoot cats for prize money

New Zealand kids shooting feral cats for prize money

NEWS AND COMMENT (Opinion): Will you be as disgusted as I am having read this article? I hope so as it is a failure in child care and inherently cruel. It is about asking kids to engage in potentially criminal activity. It is that bad. The North Canterbury Hunting Competition of New Zealand has …

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School teacher encourages kids to kill non-native animals including cats

NZ - kids killing non-native species

Nathan Winograd, American’s leading animal advocate in respect of animal shelters and on other topics, has written an excoriating article about the people who wish to kill non-native species such as feral cats because they prey on native species. He examines the motivation of these people and the horrendously unethical and debased way people …

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Unsophisticated Aussies and Kiwis turn their pets into rugs and it’s disgusting

Taxidermist auctions off his domestic and farm cat pelts

I have noticed, today, a few articles on online news media about taxidermists creating rugs out of domestic cats and dogs. It’s obviously disgusting. It is obviously self-indulgent. It obviously highlights a human weakness about death and being separated from their loved ones. And finally, it highlights a failure in the domestication of cats …

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24 cat disappearances: New Zealanders reap what they sow


NEWS AND COMMENT-COLLINGWOOD, NEW ZEALAND: This is a cross post because I think it’s important. In the headline, I’ve said that New Zealanders are reaping what they’ve sowed. What I mean is this: the country’s government and local authorities have, over a long period of time, verbally attacked domestic cats allowed outside and feral …

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Unplanned kittens: the scourge of the cat ownership world

Unwanted kittens rescued

There is no doubt in my mind that the scourge of the cat ownership world is unplanned kittens. However, sometimes they are planned by which I mean the owner allows a female cat to become pregnant and have kittens because they think a “mother” means that experience to feel whole and happy 😢. Wrong. …

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