Does Australia have a native cat?

Colonisation of Australia

Are there any cats native to Australia? No, there are no cat species native to Australia. This is another reason why the authorities – state and federal governments – on the continent, in general, hate the feral cat which they believe decimates their native species, particularly their small mammals. The reason why feral cats …

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Birds Are Not More Important Than Cats

Birds are not more important than cats

Libby Watson writing on coins a term which I like: birdheads. It’s a derivation of ‘petrolheads’ (car lovers) and it is very apt. It applies to ornithologists and people such as Jonathan Franzen, an American novelist and essayist, who prefers birds to cats. He thinks they are more important. And he believes that …

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Respected Australian Scientist Admits the “Feral Cat Problem” is the Fault of Humans

Dr. Guy Ballard is a research officer and lecturer. He supervises PhD students. He got his doctorate at The School of Environmental and Rural Science (ERS) at the University of New England (AU), New South Wales, Australia. Okay, he is an experienced, and I’d say, a respected scientist with a lot of specialist experience …

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Will Australia Use Inhumane Methods When Culling 2 Million Feral Cats?

Yes, we are back to that evergreen topic: the Australian government’s proposals to cull millions of feral cats in order to save native animals that they love and who define the nation. They’re making a choice between an invasive species that they dislike and native species which they love. They should remind themselves that …

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Removal of Cats May Not Result in the Recovery of a Threatened Species

Cat predation study

Ecosystems are complex. In order to understand the role of the domestic cat in respect of predation, it is important to recognise that the cat is one of a large group of predators some of which are native and some introduced (non-native species). Other introduced species such as rats and mice can have an …

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Australia Still Searching for Ways to Deal with their Feral Cats

For several years, in full public view on the Internet, the Australian authorities have been searching for ways to bring the feral cat on their continent under their control. They want to eradicate the feral cat and have put forward ambitious plans to kill millions but time and again it has dawned upon them …

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New Zealand’s Conservation Minister Suggests Two Cats Per Household


In what appears to be an off-the-cuff remark, Maggie Barry, New Zealand’s conservation Minister suggested that households should be restricted to a maximum of two cats.  She claims that an excessive cat population in New Zealand was endangering the famous, flightless bird, the Kiwi. New Zealand is apparently the place where you will find …

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Australia: introduction of Mynah birds by the authorities damages bird populations and more

Feral Mynah bird Australia

This is a comment from Pippa Mealings who lives in Australia. It is a very fair-minded and sensible comment based on fact not supposition which all of the misguided estimates by the authorities are when they describe how domestic and feral cats decimate native wildlife in Australia. “In mentioning Australia, the following fact should be …

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