Difference between ‘purebred’ and ‘pedigree’ infographic

Picture of Persian cat at the seaside near beach

Well, I thought I’d do an infographic on this common and slightly knotty topic. It comes up a lot and oftentimes people use the word ‘pedigree’ to mean ‘purebred’ and vice versa. And as you can see, in the infographic, they can be correct but it does not always follow that a purebred cat is also a pedigree cat. Please check out the infographic as to why. Comments are welcome. P.S. random-bred cats or moggies have not been selectively (artificially) bred to have the same parents and grandparents as they are created through natural selection. Although because sometimes they live on an island or are confined to a space, they can become purebred through natural inbreeding as mentioned for the Bahraini Dilmun in the infographic.

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Origin of word ‘moggy’

Black and white Moggie

There are 2 parts to the article. Please read the entire page as I believe the updating second part to be more accurate but the origin of the word ‘moggie’ is still somewhat up for discussion after all these years in use. The first part is by an appreciated visitor to the site. Michael …

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Could my cat be part Maine Coon?

2x Cute Fluffy Half maine coon kittens for sale

Your cat could be part Maine Coon but the only way you might be able to find out is with a DNA test (but see below). I can see that one so-called expert website states that you can confirm if you own a part Maine Coon by looking into their eyes. I am afraid …

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Difference between tabby and domestic shorthair?

Tabby domestic shorthair

As a tabby cat is frequently a domestic shorthair cat, the question doesn’t make sense as it is trying to ask the difference between two types of domestic cat when the two descriptions often apply to the same individual cat as you see in the photograph below. In fact, tabby is the most common …

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Persian and Siamese cats rated better pets than non-pedigree cats

Persian Siamese and non-pedigree cats

This is an interesting study (Turner 1995a) which compared the general interaction between cat guardians and Persian and Siamese cats compared to random bred cats (non-pedigree cats). It was conducted in Switzerland and is reported in a book called Companion Animals and Us-Exploring the Relationships between People and Pets. It is a very detailed …

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Domestic Cat

Tuxedo cats: 10 facts

Click here to see visitors’ submissions Introduction I am writing about my favorite cat (probably), the good old moggy (moggie) or non-purebred cat or random bred cat. It is also sometimes described as a “mixed breed” cat. The last description is probably the least accurate as cat breeds are not usually involved. Although a purebred …

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Rescue Cat Photographic Portrait

Rescue cat photo portrait

This is a beautiful rescue cat photographic portrait by the well-known cat photographer Helmi Flick. I’m particularly impressed with it because it shows us how beautiful rescue cats can be. You don’t have to be a fancy purebred cat to be a wonderful photographic model. I particularly like the colors. The background color is …

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