Can you own a caracal in North Carolina?

The claws of a pet caracal

Yes, you can own a caracal in North Carolina but you’ll need permit to import this medium-sized wild cat. The North Carolina law on this is limited and sparse. It is strange and also, in my honest opinion, poorly drafted. Here it is the relevant extract as I see it: EXOTIC ANIMALS There are …

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Adorable Baby Yoda rescue cat who sticks out her tongue is the next big celeb

Baby Yoda rescue cat to become a celeb

She has all the attributes to make her the next cat celebrity (although the market is crowded and competitive). She has ‘helicopter ears’ which resemble those of Baby Yoda in Star Wars. She is small for an adult cat at around 6.5 pounds. She regularly sticks her tongue out which is reminiscent of Lil …

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Outer Banks SPCA, North Carolina, emptied of all cats and dogs (video) in prep for Dorian

Empty Outer Banks SPCA shelter before Hurricane Dorian

Outer Banks SPCA is just north of Ocracoke Island which has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian with extensive and deep flooding. There have been massive floods on this thin sliver of land off the North Carolina coast. “Pray they all find their forever homes soon.” – Cindy Stoner I don’t have a report on …

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North Carolina’s current poor record of killing cats and dogs at shelters

North Carolina's poor animal shelter kill rates

North Carolina (NC) currently has a relatively poor record of killing cats and dogs at their animal shelters. In other words their shelters have a higher kill rate than all other states bar two: California and Texas. This means that they have either (1) more unwanted companion animals than in most other states and …

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Coyote rips the ear off a cat statue in central North Carolina

Coyote attacks cat statue in N. Carolina

A Wake Forest family erected a statue of a domestic cat outside their garage under the surveillance of a video camera to check whether a coyote had killed and taken away their two cat companions. The picture above is taken from the security camera. And it clearly shows that a coyote had attacked the …

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When Winter Storm Diego hit Asheville, cat lovers built snow sculptures of their cats

When Winter Storm Diego swept through Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, a cat group made the best of the situation by challenging their members to build snow sculptures of their cats. Asheville Cat Weirdos is a feline-centric Facebook group dedicated to all things cat. When 11 plus inches of snow fell in Asheville, cat …

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Samson: cat dumped in NC now in a loving home and is a gorgeous boy (pictures)

Justice for Samson

This is another update and the final one on Samson the cat who was dumped in NC on June 22nd 2017 by Michelle Raymond who was charged and convicted of animal abandonment and cruelty. Specifically Raymond was charged with the misdemeanour charge of abandonment of an animal and the felony of cruelty to animals. …

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