Anti-animal UK government civil servants lied about evacuation of cats and dogs from Kabul

Nowzad staff made it out of Kabul to Pakistan and then to the UK where some will train to be vets

NEWS AND COMMENT: I stress that this is my opinion on the news. But I’m driven to have these views which are as objective as I can make them. You may remember the highly publicised evacuation of cats and dogs from the Nowzad animal charity in Kabul. Mr Pen Farthing ran the charity. He …

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Whistleblower’s claim of direct trade-off between animals and people evacuating Kabul is wrong

Raphael Marshall

Raphael Marshall, a whistleblower in the Foreign Office (since resigned), claimed that there had been a direct trade-off between the evacuation of Mr Farthing and his animals and the evacuation of Afghans who were at risk. He’s basically saying that Mr Farthing’s animals prevented some Afghanis who had the right to be evacuated to …

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Taliban shoot two dogs belonging to Dave, a friend of Pen Farthing

Pen Farthing and his wife Kaisa Markhus back in safety

NEWS AND COMMENT: Former British Marine Pen Farthing has recounted his experiences now that he’s back in the UK with the animals he so successfully evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan. Previously he had said that the Taliban would ban dogs but accept cats. I wrote about that statement. Of course, he has first-hand experience of …

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No photographs of cats from Mr Farthing’s 173 animals evacuated from Kabul

Dog from Kabul imported by Mr Farthing with many other cats and dogs

We have been repeatedly told that Mr Farthing, the founder and director of Nowzad, successfully evacuated 173 animals from Kabul yesterday. Some news website report 200 animals were evacuated. It is reported that they landed at Heathrow on Sunday. It is also reported in all news media outlets that the 173 companion animals are …

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Audio recording of Pen Farthing threatening MOD special adviser Peter Quentin

Pen Farthing and dogs at Nowzad

This is an interesting voice recording of Mr Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing, the founder and manager of the Nowzad animal rescue charity, who, with his cats and dogs, evacuated Afghanistan via Kabul airport on a privately chartered plane yesterday at 4:30 PM after an enormous effort. He claims that the MoD obstructed his evacuation and …

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Live updates on Mr Farthing (Nowzad) getting out of Kabul with his approx. 200 animals as at 26 Aug. 8 PM GMT

Pen Farthing at Nowzad in Kabul

Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing and 79 cats and 94 dogs (no Nowzad staff) were evacuated from Kabul Airport at 4:30 PM Saturday 28th August. Please read on. Update on Mr Farthing getting out of Kabul with his 200 animals as at 26 Aug. 8 PM GMT: Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing was near the suicide bomb blast. …

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American service dogs given precedence over Afghanis waiting to be evacuated by air

US military dogs evacuated by air from Kabul

NEWS AND COMMENT-KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: News media is reporting that US military dogs are being given precedence over Afghanis who are waiting to be evacuated by air out of Kabul on the takeover of the country by the Taliban. There is a photograph on Twitter of dog ears sticking out above a row of seats …

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