Picture of chimera cat Quimera

Here is a picture of a rare chimera cat whose name is Quimera and who lives in Argentina. I have some more articles on this cat coat and one on how I think the split face is created (see below). I have written about Quimera before but this is an improved photograph. The odd-eye …

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Pictures of odd-eyed hairless cats are eye-catching

Rosie and Poppy live with Sarah Jenkins who lives in the US. Sarah is a teacher and she decided to share her quality photos of her Sphynx odd-eyed cats on social media because someone said that they looked ‘weird’. Weird is good on social media especially if they are cats. It is an excellent …

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Boy with cleft palate and odd-eyes adopted a cat with the same two conditions

Madden and Moon his cat companion

“Moon [his cat] helps Madden realize that being born unique is an incredible thing; that he is magic.” AND “Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone.” The two quotes are by the boy’s mother, Christina. Wow, this awesome. Madden Humphreys, 7, was born with a cleft palate and odd-eyes which is …

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Sectoral heterochromia in cats

Sectoral heterochromia in domestic cats

Sectoral heterochromia, also segmental heterochromia, in cats (domestic cats) is when each eye is made up of two colours: blue and orange or yellow in various densities and intensities. Usually heterochromia (full name ‘heterochromia iridium’) presents as one eye being blue and the other being orange or orange/yellow – called ‘odd-eyed’ or ‘odd-eye’ cat. …

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Gold and Aquamarine: Two Pairs of Feline Odd-eyes Set in Pure White

When these twin cats, Iriss and Abyss, sit together as they often do and look into the camera lens, you won’t see a more beautiful vision of cat eyes anywhere in the world. They are odd-eyed cats – more technically described as having heterochromatic eyes. White cats not uncommonly have an eye conditon called …

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