Do domestic cat mothers instinctively know how to care for their offspring?

Mother cat with kitten

Not always, is the answer. You would have thought that as the domestic cat is considered to be barely domesticated that they would have inherited the full range of parenting skills from their wild cat ancestor but it seems not (sometimes). I’m taking my lead in answering the question in the title from Dr. …

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Do male tigers kill their own cubs?

Tiger at kill site where young cubs are vulnerable to being killed by males

The question is specific and precise. It asks whether male tigers kill their offspring. The word that describes this is ‘filicide’. It describes the behaviour of animals and humans when they kill their offspring. The umbrella word for adults killing infants is “infanticide”. But infanticide can apply to a parents of one family killing …

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Do male cats recognise their own kittens?

Whole male cat

Do male cats recognise their own kittens? I am referring to domestic cats because I’m sure the question is about domestic cats. It’s impossible to find a clean and direct answer to the question and therefore it is a good question. I think, however, that I have found the answer indirectly. Let us first …

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The Courageous Mother Cat

We have two stories of a mother cat saving her kittens from a burning house. They are almost 2,500 years apart. The first story comes from the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus who lived from 484 to 425 BC. Here is a translation: Moreover when a fire occurs, the cats seem to be divinely possessed; …

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