The story of the new taxonomic classification of the ‘clouded tiger-cat’

Fictional representation of a new subspecies of Oncilla called the 'clouded tiger-cat'

The experts have concluded after careful analysis that there is a new subspecies of Oncilla on the planet and they’ve called it the ‘clouded tiger-cat’. This story is about the reclassification taxonomically of an existing species of small wild cat so that it has been ‘carved out’ of an existing classification when it was …

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Oncilla mates with Geoffroy’s cat and mated with the pampas cat

The oncilla in the south of Brazil currently mates with Geoffroy’s cat (L. geoffroyi) creating a hybrid, while the oncilla in the northeast of Brazil in ancient times mated with the pampas cat (L. colocolo)¹. Currently there is a relatively small overlap in the distributions of the oncilla and Geoffroy’s cat. The southern oncillas don’t mix …

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Oncilla Cat Facts For Kids

The oncilla is a species of small wild cat. “Species” means a type of wild cat that is different to the other wild cats. Like the cougar, the oncilla has lots of different names such as: little spotted cat, tiger cat, lesser spotted cat and ocelot cat. As this cat looks like a margay …

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Aug. 2009: This page is about a small wild cat species called the Oncilla. It contains a map of the range of the Oncilla but this page, in fact, contains a lot more than the distribution of this smallest of the South American wild cats, weighing between 1.5 to 3 kilograms (2.9 lbs to …

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