Carrie Symonds signed petition calling for ban on wild animal markets

End wild animal trade

In Carrie’s words,’Have signed this petition calling for an end to the global wildlife trade once and for all. Please do consider doing the same. This crisis gives us the chance to start doing things better. Let this be one of those things’. It is almost certain and widely accepted that the coronavirus crisis …

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City improvements to a park threatens feral cats living there

Christopher Newport Park

The feral cats of Christopher Newport Park in downtown Newport News, Virginia, USA, are well established and under the care and management of a TNR program run by volunteers who place no burden on the city authorities. Yes, as is often the case, the volunteers take the financial burden of caring for the cats …

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80% of Singaporeans are prevented from owning a domestic cat

Letter from HBD Singapore telling residents to rehome their cats

80% of Singaporeans cannot keep a cat because they live in public housing. In Singapore, 8 in 10 citizens live in what are called HDB flats. “HDB” stands for Housing & Development Board. This is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. They provide Singaporeans with affordable …

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Parliament to Discuss Reducing Number of Firework Displays and Maximum Decibel Levels in Interests of Pet Welfare

Worried Cat

In the UK, the pet owning community is petitioning Parliament to debate the reduction in the number of firework displays throughout the year to a maximum of four and the maximum permitted noise level of fireworks on public sale to be reduced from 120 dB (equivalent to a jet aircraft taking off at hundred …

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Let’s require all dogs and cats sold in pet stores to come from local shelters

Why do cats and dogs sold at pet stores frequently come from mass breeding often under appalling conditions? If we really must have pet stores selling cats and dogs (we should not in my opinion) then surely it is a “no brainer” for pet stores to get their supplies of cats and dogs from …

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Almost 500,000 Sign Petition Against Kristen Lindsey

Gaston Protest

At the time of dictating this article, there are about 420,000 signatures (and rising) on various petition websites demanding the revocation of Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary licence. You no doubt you remember her. If not please click here. There appears to be a huge rise in online campaigning in general and certainly almost half a …

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Animal advocates seek to revive petition against Julianne Westberry


It’s been a bit over 10 months since dozens of cats were found dead inside and underneath the Belton, South Carolina home of Julianne Westberry. Several people have recently asked me as to when her trial is to be set, but no information is available as to an exact date. The wheels of justice …

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Petition to revoke the veterinary license of Kristen Lindsey

Revoked veterinary license

This is a petition on The title says it all, really and I have quoted a small section of the petitioner’s post on the website…. Kristen Lindsey has already lost her job and the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has opened an investigation. We believe the actions of Kristen Lindsey show …

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