Are male, orange tabby cats the most friendly?

Butterball a rescue cat.

Having read a lot about domestic cats, I sense that the general feeling is that male, orange tabby cats are, in general, friendlier than the average domestic cat. National Geographic reported that they are the most gregarious and that a cat’s personality is linked to their coat colour. The gene that makes the fur …

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Picture of lentigo simplex cat

Lentigo in an orange cat

You know those black freckles on the tip of the nose, gums, eyelids and the lips of an orange (ginger, yellow, red) cat? You have probably seen them and wondered what they were and if they were a health problem. Well, they are not a health problem and the experts call this skin ‘disorder’ …

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Kilkenny Cats

‘Kilkenny Cats’ refers to soldiers who fight with tenacity and conviction. However, the phrase originates in cat cruelty. It is said that the cat’s aloofness is partly the reason why people were and continue to be cruel to cats. However, today aloofness is more often interpreted as being an animal of independence and deserving …

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Orange Tabby Cat Stars in Major New Film and Raises Profile of Domestic Cats

Ulysses, the ginger tabby cat who is a co-star of the new Coen brothers film about music is in fact three cats. I didn’t realise that but I do know that he is a key player in this acclaimed film, which, I believe, raises the profile of all domestic cats. It makes all domestic …

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Cat of the week: the largest Maine Coon I have seen

Here is a thumpingly large Maine Coon. You won’t see a larger domestic cat unless someone calls a tamed puma a domestic cat. The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed (excluding F1 wild cat hybrids). Not only is he impressively large, I have never seen lynx typed ears with such long hair. …

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