Osama bin Laden forced his son Omar bin Laden to fire AK-47s at his dogs

NEWS AND OPINION: This may interest people as it provides an insight into the behaviour of perhaps the world’s best-known, now deceased, terrorist, Osama bin Laden. He had 20-26 children! Omar bin Laden is the fourth eldest son, I am told. He is a painter and apparently, he sells is works for $8,500 a piece. I can’t say that I’m particularly impressed by his painting but good luck to him. He seems to be a decent man which is supported by the fact that he rejected following in his father’s path as a young man at 20-years-of-age.

Omar bin Laden
Omar bin Laden. Image: Instagram.

He was made to watch his father’s followers test chemical weapons on his pets. And he says that he was taken into his father’s terrorist training camps and taught how to use an AK-47 rifle. The Mirror newspaper’s headline states that Osama bin Laden forced him to fire AK-47s at his dogs. And chemical weapons were tested on his dogs as well. We are not told what happened to the dogs, but you can guess. Was this animal abuse facilitated by Muslims’ attitude towards dogs as unclean?

It seems that Osama bin Laden was attempting to harden his son up to terrorist activity and follow in his footsteps. As mentioned, Omar bin Laden rejected this and now lives a relatively normal life.

He is now 41 years of age and says that he is another victim of the 9/11 warlord. I guess this is a reference to the fact that he has suffered throughout his life because he is the son of this notorious terrorist.

He said that he watched his father and followers use deadly chemical weapons on his pets. Omar told The Mirror newspaper “They tried it [deadly chemicals] on my dogs and I wasn’t happy. I just tried to forget all the bad times as much as I can. It’s very difficult. You suffer all the time.” There’s the reference to him being a victim himself and I can understand that.

He says that he was taken into bin Laden’s training camps at the mysterious Tora Bora cave complex and taught how to use an AK-47. He was also taught to drive a Russian tank.

Bravely he decided to say goodbye to that world. It seems that he really was switched on and as the newspaper reports, brave to reject it. His father was naturally angered. He said: “I’d had enough of that world. He wasn’t happy that I was leaving”.

By the time that 9/11 had occurred, he had well and truly disowned his father. He claims that he does not feel sadness at the killing of his father by US forces about 10 years later.

He does say, though, that he would have preferred it if his father had been given a funeral. The reports are that Osama bin Laden was buried at sea, but he believes that they “took his body to America, for people to see.”

He said that he has received constant ill will from strangers and that he is still judged today. He had hoped that the death of his father would bring this to a close. He further says that he suffers from PTSD brought on by 9/11.

He seen many therapists and has been prescribed medication. He finds some peace in painting. He likes to paint landscapes and his favourite film is the Clint Eastwood classic: Unforgiven.

His landscapes are often desert scenes of the Nile by moonlight or the untamed American West featuring dead trees and cattle skulls according to Instagram (Vice World News).

His wife, Zaina, says that he “loves and hates Osama at the same time. He loves him because he is his father but hates what he has done.”

Despite his difficulties, he lives a mostly normal life with his wife and even visited the football World Cup 2022, watching the Netherlands versus Qatar game.

Source: Mirror newspaper online (1st December 2022).

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