Infographic on spotting joint discomfort in cats

Old cats with joint discomfort

Domestic cats are living longer as is the case for humans due to advances in medical treatments. Studies on older cats looking at radiographs revealed that 90% of them over the age of 12 had evidence of degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis is under-diagnosed at veterinary clinics and it is extremely common in older cats …

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Infographic on osteoarthritis in domestic cats (plus more)

Infographic on osteoarthritis in older cats

Thanks to advances in nutrition and veterinary medicine plus the advantages to health when living full-time indoors, domestic cats nowadays are living longer. There are probably more elderly cats today than there were in the past. VCA Hospitals say “The population of senior and geriatric cats is increasing”. Therefore, there are more older cats …

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Underreported and underdiagnosed osteoarthritis in domestic cats?

90% of elderly cats have OA

My research indicates to me that osteoarthritis is underreported and underdiagnosed in domestic cats in America. That assessment probably applies to other countries because it is difficult to assess. It’s hard to assess in the consulting room because cats are frightened anyway, and they don’t behave normally so it is difficult to assess a …

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