How do feral cats stay warm in winter?

Feral cat shelters

Concerned people want to know how feral cats stay warm in winter. The fact of the matter is that most often feral cats don’t stay warm in the winter but they put up with it because they are able to. True feral cats, cats born in the wild, have adapted to extreme temperatures and …

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Community provides supplies for Missouri mother and her 5-year-old son to build 30 stray cat shelters

A mother and son in Missouri love animals so much they’re building shelters to help cats and other small animals stay warm. Once the community learned of the project they dropped off enough supplies to complete 30 shelters. Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson and her five-year-old son are using styrofoam coolers wrapped in trash bags and stuffed …

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Outdoor cat house. Do you have a use for one?

Do you have a use for an outdoor cat house? I know a person who does. Dorothy Wandruff (DW), a regular contributor to this site, lives in sunny California. She uses outdoor cat houses for cats she cares for, which prompted me to ask questions because it is unusual. California produces half of the …

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The Bygone Era of the Outdoor Housecat

Sissy – Photo by Joyce Sammons Sometimes I miss the by-gone era of the outdoor cat. Until I look at the list above. To my readers they are just names and causes of death. I remember each cat as though it were yesterday. I hope I haven’t left any off the list. Many of …

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