His childlike pet drawings have raised thousands for rough sleepers

Phil Heckels' drawing of a cat

You never quite know the formula for becoming an internet, social media sensation perhaps because there is no formula. But, Phil Heckels’s questionable skills as an artist have caught the imagination of the public. With a pinch of salt, he amusingly calls himself an “acclaimed artist” but he is taking the Mickey out of …

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Recovering Alcoholic Artist, Steve Keiper Jr., Creates Super Cat Portraits

Steve Keiper painting of cat

I have just discovered the work of Steven Keiper Jr and I’d like to promote it. I want to promote his work because, through the struggles of a person close to me, I understand the difficulties with life that alcoholism presents. It makes life much harder – almost impossible sometimes. It makes life dangerous …

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Porträt der Mademoiselle Julie Manet mit Katze

by Michael Porträt der Mademoiselle Julie Manet mit Katze This is a portrait of Julie Manet with a cat. It is by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) the celebrated French artist who was a leading light in the development of the style of painting called “Impressionism”. The painting was made in 1887. At this time Renoir …

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