by Cristina Carmona (Meaux, France) LOLA LE CHAT- this picture is the copyright of Cristina Carmona – please respect copyright. LOLA LE CHATArtiste : Cristina CARMONACréation : octobre 2009Prix : 50 EurosTechnique : AcryliqueSupport : Toile sur châssis à clésFormat : 24,50 x 24,50 cmPeinture réalisée à la mainSignature de l’artiste et date de …

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Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Four Cats In Different Poses

by Michael (London, UK) Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Four Cats In Different Poses is a painting that is, for me, all about the famous Japanese bobtail cat. Kuniyoshi Utagawa (歌川国芳) lived between 1798 and 1861. He was one of the masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting and belonged to the Utagawa …

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Franz Marc Cat behind a Tree

At 21st March 2009, the painting, Kinderbild (Katze hinter einem Baum) or “Children’s painting (cat behind a tree),” by Fritz Marc has been returned to the heirs of the previous owner, Alfred Hess, by the Lower Saxony Landesbank NordLB. Hess’s collection had been sold cheaply during the period of the Third Reich. I presume …

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