Near lawless Pakistan allows the rich to own hundreds of lions within Karachi’s city limits

Rich Pakistani with his white lion

The rich of Pakistan, apparently, like to possess exotic creatures such as white lions. The laws of Pakistan allows them to import these animals but there are no laws regulating how they are to look after them once they enter their private zoos. This is a recipe for animal abuse. It’s a recipe for …

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Pakistani lady feeding feral cats is hated by the educated and praised by the uneducated

Karachi cat lady

‘It’s mostly the uneducated that praise me but all the educated people hate me.’ – says Karachi’s cat woman who has been feeding homeless, hungry kittens and cats, daily, for 17 years. On the one occasion she was too ill to feed them she made arrangements for someone else to do it. She says …

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Veterinarian in Lahore allegedly deliberately killed cat over argument concerning his fees

This is veterinary malpractice Pakistan-style. It is interesting for the insight it provides into life in Pakistan for cat owners. Dr Atia Masood is an assistant professor at Punjab University. Her regular vet was Dr Awais Anees. She used to pay her vet’s bills in an interesting way for Westerners. “I used to take …

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