Passive smoking affects cats – both cigarette and marijuana smoke

Passive smoking can harm cats

This is a reminder that passive smoking affects pets as much as it does people. I find that this is rarely discussed but it is a form of animal abuse that goes on silently, almost invisibly, in the background. The information should apply to all kinds of passive smoking; cigarette smoke and for instance …

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Does passive smoking affect cats?

Passive smoking pets can develop cancer

I am surprised that people use Google search to ask whether passive smoking affects domestic cats. Surely, it is obvious that it does or at least increases the risk of getting cancer. Why should domestic cats be excluded from passive smoking when we know full well that humans are affected by passive smoking? Arguably, …

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68% of smokers say that if their cat became ill through passive smoking they might stop

Third-hand cigarette smoke and cat health

Most smokers (78%) know that their habit could harm their cats. Both this finding and the one in the title are disturbing because they mean that cat owners who smoke are willing to harm their cat for the sake of maintaining their habit. The pet insurer MORE TH>N carried out a survey on smokers …

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Cats are at risk too if smoking at home causes children to acquire lung disease as adults

Cat passive smoking is bad for a cat's health

You may have read about it: an American study which recommends that smoking should be banned in the home because it concluded that smokers’ children are a third more likely to die from lung disease when they grow up. It is the first study to find this link. America banned smoking in social housing …

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Can cats get cancer from second-hand smoke?

Yes, cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. Although common sense dictates that this must be the case, a television super vet, Noel Fitzpatrick, says that pet owners haven’t quite yet got the message that both dogs and cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. He says that dogs get cancer in their noses …

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An example of how passive smoking can affect a pet

Passive smoking pets

This is a real life story about a dog, which supports an argument that I put forward some years ago that cats and dogs are at risk of developing cancer through passive smoking if their owner is a heavy smoker. A couple’s 30-a-day cigarette habit resulted in their pet dog contracting terminal lung cancer …

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