Persian cats can’t groom themselves properly. I explain why.

Persian cat with watery eyes

A relatively high percentage of Persian cats have haircoat disorders because they are unable to groom themselves properly A recent study published on the website tells us that almost 13% of Persian cats have hair coat disorders compared to only 2.5% of non-purebred cats. Of all other purebred cats, on average, 5.6% have …

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He divorced his wife because she had too many cats. He remarried her now she has more of them.

He divorced his wife because she had too many cats. He remarried her now she has more cats.

She’s a Persian cat breeder. She spends a lot of time with her cats. They are champions. He’s not particularly fond of cats. Despite this they married in 1968. They had two children, Juliet and James. She’s Marlene Howes and he’s Professor Trevor Howes. The marriage failed partly because the cats got between them. …

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Pictures of Persian Cats

Black Persian cat

This is a page of pictures of Persian cats and some information about this ever-popular cat breed. The breed is both praised and criticised. Praised for its charms and criticised for its inbuilt health issues due to extreme selective breeding in the modern flat-faced variant. I think the breed has lost out because of …

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World’s Hairiest Feline (longest fur)

Ann Marie Avey owns the world’s hairiest cat, Colonel Meow. He lives in Los Angeles, USA. Apparently, “hairiest cat” in this case means the individual cat with the longest fur. Colonel Meow is a Himalayan cat. Himalayans are pointed Persians (Persians with coats that are pointed like a Siamese cat but with a greater …

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Cat Breed Standards Have Changed

In 1903, the cat fancy in England – probably the only cat fancy of the time – considered that the purebred, pedigree cat had a standard set of anatomical features that applied across the board. It made no difference if the cat was short or long haired or whatever cat breed. They all had …

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