Pictures Of White Persian Kittens

Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan - photo copyright Helmi Flick
Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan – photo copyright Helmi Flick

Here is a series of some really nice pictures of white Persian kittens and ‘young cats’ (not quite kittens but definitely all-white). Above, heading the page we have Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan. Yep, I know, totally scrumptious. Then in the middle of the page, below Cristalline, we have SnowBelle.

Lets remind ourselves, that the genes that create an all white cat can lead to a deaf cat and can lead to an odd eyed cat. Also the flat faced Persian (sometimes called the Ultra Type Persian because the “type” or appearance is extreme) can have health problems not associated with the traditional Persian cat.

Here is a picture of a beautiful traditional (called a “doll face” in the cat fancy) Persian cat living with Dani Rozeboom in the Netherlands. The picture is taken from the Persian Cat Rescue UK page:

Persian cat
Cristalline – photo by Dani

Here is another photo of her also by Dani who bred her:

Picture of white Persian kitten Cristalline
Picture of white Persian kitten Cristalline

OK back to the contemporary appearance. Here is a picture of Snowbelle:

white Persian kitten
Photo of SnowBelle copyright Helmi Flick

I referred to health issues above. For the extreme look, flat faced Persian, one outstanding issues is tear duct overflow causing staining on the face. This will no doubt be more apparent on white Persian kittens. I don’t want to be a kill joy but these sorts of things need to be aired before adopting. All that said, they are adorable.

One last point, you might like to read about the genetics behind white cats, which can be seen here: Cat Coats White. White cats are not necessarily albino cats. Albino cats are rare and also white but different genes are at work. You can see a white albino Siamese if you like.

Here is a near all-white Persian cat with a top hat:

White Persian cat with a black fur marking in shape of top hat.
Top Hat Kitten. Photo in public domain.

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Brooklyn’s birthday wish comes true – a Persian kitten

Birthday girl with her Persian kitty
Birthday girl with her Persian kitty

Six-year-old Brooklyn’s mom works at a veterinary surgery. Brooklyn had asked for a kitten for her birthday but mom had said no. I guess she was mindful of what can happen when parents give their child a kitten for a birthday present: the gift carries a lifetime of responsibility. A gift of a kitten is not solely for that pleasurable moment when the gift is received. It goes on for 15 years or more sometimes. There is a ton of pleasure and with that an equal amount of caring and responsibility.

When Brooklyn’s mom was working at the clinic, a Persian cat gave birth. Two of the litter survived. One had a heart problem. I’ll make another guess and say that this little Persian had an uncertain future born with a health condition. She decided it was a God given opportunity to satisfy her daughter’s desires.

Sometimes gifts of kittens to six-year-old children can work out great, can’t they? If the child has her head screwed on right and is aware of the commitment and has accepted it then she can learn so much from caring for a cat. The outcome can be excellent for cat and child alike.

There is the danger than the parents end up caring for the cat. Also as children grow up they get involved with other things and so on. Their lives are less predictable and stable. Cats need routine. I am not sure children can provide that but no doubt some can and do.

The kitten is a contemporary, flat-faced Persian – a bicolor; red and white it appears. That is another discussion! Flat-faced Persians can have inherited health problems. This charming kitten may have a difficult life health-wise.

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Persian Kittens

Zen van de Lŷtse Hoeve -Traditional Persian © Daniëlle Rozeboom

Persian Kittens are the most photogenic of all cats. Add to that a wonderful looking cat (with a fine character) and a fine photographer and you have the best pictures of cats on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.

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Persian Kitty

persian kitty pink

A persian kitty is probably the most photogenic cat of them all. Anyone who likes animals (and even those who don’t) are totally charmed by photographs of them…so here are some. I am happy to say that all the photographs (except the little one on the left) are by Helmi Flick and are her copyright. (the little one is courtesy a hobby cattery in Hyderbad India run by Shaji K)small stars

Helmi Flick says that this little persian kitty was 8 weeks old when photographed. Helmi was keen to photograph him so young in part to capture his eye colour, which will turn yellow/orange when he grows up. He comes from the Pawdance Persians and Himalayans cattery.

persian kitty light brown and very young

A Persian kitten has a long coat so an indoor environment is best for protection.

>To maintain the coat it should be combed daily to eliminate problems occurring with matting and hairballs.

small stars
This little persian kitten is 4 weeks old and a solid chocolate persian male. Helmi says that he will grow up to be a big cat as his feet (and bones) are large. His name is “Panther”. Once again this kitten comes from the Pawdance Persians and Himalayans cattery.

persian kitty dark coat

>It is a good idea to get your persian kitty used to a bath when (s)he is young.

>Only give a bath after a thorough combing. Ensure that the environment, in which the persian kitty lives, is clean to improve health issues generally.

>Make sure that your persian kitty is vaccinated at 8 weeks, then for 2 consecutive months and thereafter yearly.

small starsThe picture is of “Heather” a golden shaded female Persian kitten. Heather’s eyes have just turned from blue and will turn to emerald when she is grown up. She comes from the Stardazl cattery and was photographed by Helmi for the United Silver Fanciers.

You an tell if a cat is a long or short hair by the length of the hair on the tail. “Ear furnishings” are the hairs that comes out the ears (like old male humans!)

>A Persian cat is gentle and likes reassurance and plenty of loving care.

>Make sure the environment that you both live in is clean (common sense I guess) and keep the eating area clean and disinfected if needs be.

>You can clean ears, eyes and claws with wet cotton wool.small stars

The final photograph is of a self assured little Persian kitten named “Pawdance Mincemeat Spice”. She was relaxed enough to let her from leg hang out of the bowl. The picture was used for an advertisement with CatsUSA for the breeder and the bowl darkened digitally.

persian kitty Pawdance Mincemeat

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