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Cat to human unconditional love

10 basic rules to become a good cat owner

Here are 10 basic rules to help you to become a better cat owner (caregiver). They start with a desire to better understand the domestic cat and through understanding you can provide for their...

Pet insurance, Yes or No.

Self-insurance is the best pet insurance

Self-insurance is the best pet insurance in my opinion and I explain way. I’m going to apply common sense in deciding whether a person should take out pet insurance. We know that pet insurance...

Property insurance

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

I don’t think that pet insurance is worth the cost and I’ll tell you why. There is a better alternative. It is very hard to provide a figure for the cost of an average...

Caring for your elderly cat

Caring for your elderly cat

Just like other members of the family, the likes and needs of our cats can change in later life. But while we humans don’t qualify for our free bus pass until we reach our...

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