The Social Dilemma: A blog post on Facebook terms, animal rescue and censorship

The Social Dilemma

This article will be a bit different than most I publish because my brain is bouncing around all over the place to give as much information in as short a space as possible while still providing the PoC readers with entertainment as well as knowledge. I decided at the last minute before publication to …

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Facebook ‘flagged’ 2 posts against declawing in my anti-declawing group

Declawing post

On April 10, I was sent a message via Facebook about a “flagged” post needing my approval in my closed declawing group. I thought a member of the group had reported the post as ‘spam.’ I may be wrong. It appears Facebook is now determining whether or not certain posts go straight onto a …

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Pet Site Spammers

While I call this article ‘pet site spammers’, I realize this is a curse that seems to have been handed down to anyone who either starts a webpage dedicated to pets, or decides to join a group featuring their favorite pet. There you are, relaxing the day away reading your favorite blog, or checking …

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How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page?

How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page? There should be a simple answer. However, clearly, a lot of Facebook users have not found the answer simple. A lot of people who have Facebook accounts appear to have set up an account for their companion animal or some other animal which, inadvertently, is …

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