Pets4Homes rank Savannah cats third most popular UK

Savannah cat at home!

Pets4Homes, the UK’s biggest pet sales website, tell us that the Savannah cat has jumped 9 places upwards in the popularity stakes to third place after the Maine Coon which comes first and the Oriental Shorthair which ranks second. It’s been a long journey for the Savannah cat; a breed which is known for …

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People want calm and sociable pets and for dogs, the goldendoodle is the biggest draw for a family pet

In the UK, as at 2024, the popular dog breed is the goldendoodle and the popular cat breeder is the Maine Coon as per a Pets4Homes survey.

A study based on sales and adverts placed on the Pets4Homes website which is, by the way, the UK’s largest marketplace for pets, found that people with children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are searching for calm and sociable pets. I think it would be fair to say that you could successfully argue that …

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