It’s Vyshyvanka Day! How to say it!

It’s Vyshyvanka Day!

Yep, in Ukraine it is Vyshyvanka Day today May 19th, 2023. So, what is it? Wikipedia kindly tells me: “Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes called vyshyvankas. It is celebrated the third Thursday of May. Vyshyvankas are, along with …

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Picture of a tortoiseshell cat with a tooth protruding into the opening of their nostril

To almost everyone except veterinarians, this is a very unusual cat photograph. It shows the closed mouth and the nose of a tortoiseshell cat with a tooth protruding from the upper jaw into the opening of the right nostril. And if you look to the right of the picture there appears to be two …

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Picture of a black cat that disturbs the viewer but it’s deceiving

Picture of a black cat that looks as if it is on fire

Yes, I know what you thought and what you are thinking now when you are able to see the image more clearly. When people see the photograph most of them see a black cat on fire which makes the image disturbing. But they can’t really believe it and of course they are right. It …

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Picture which proves moggies (non-purebred cats) can be as big as the big Maine Coons

Huge ginger tabby moggie

I think this is a good picture which I have improved by removing the background. It shows a huge non-purebred cat with a splendidly calm disposition who is happy to be photographed. He is a pale ginger tabby. He is as big as the big Maine Coons. We don’t know his weight but it …

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Norwegian Forest Cat facts for kids

Norwegian Forest Cat

This page on the Norwegian Forest Cat for kids is simplified in language and content. It can be reused under a creative commons license. The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” …

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‘Ballerina cat’ features in the Sony World Photography national winners

Ballerina cat

A photograph titled ‘Ballerina’ by Kazutoshi Ono, Japan, was award 2nd place in the Sony World Photography awards. I am unsure but I believe this means that Kazutoshi came 2nd in Japan. It is a fine cat photography. I have taken an extreme liberty in publishing his excellent photograph here. If there is an …

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Defense of Ukraine’s cat and soldier pictures are a public relations coup

Cats and Ukrainian soldiers comfort each other

OPINION: Don’t get me wrong. I love the Twitter photographs published by Defense of Ukraine. This appears to be a public relations Department of the Ukrainian military. They are very savvy. They know what they’re doing. They present a very humane side of this horrendous conflict. They present to the world through a very …

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