Cat-roses and flower-cats


The news today is that gullible eBay shoppers have become the victims of a very clever scam in which some Chinese entrepreneurs have used artificial intelligence image-making technology to create photos of pretty flowers which look like cats! They been advertised on eBay and as you can imagine some people have been taken in …

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Picture of a Bombay cat with shining golden eyes

Bombay cat with glistening gold eyes

The Bombay should have a jet-black coat and gold or copper eyes. Here is some more on this breed: The Bombay cat is a striking feline breed that resembles a miniature panther. Here are some key characteristics and information about these sleek parlor panthers: Appearance: Personality Traits: History: Care: In summary, the Bombay cat …

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Sighting of very rare golden tiger in Indian reserve signals inbreeding and poor conservation

Rare mutant golden tiger in the wild in a tiger reserve in Assam, India which signals inbreeding and poor conservation to the point where the species is jeopardised in the wild.

The golden tiger is described as a “mutant” by Sarah Hartwell. They are the result of the “expression of recessive (hidden) genes [which] show up when there is too much inbreeding”. It takes inbreeding for the golden tiger to be created and this individual was spotted in the Assam Kaziranga National Park and Tiger …

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Pictures of cats

Maine Coon with human face

“Pictures of cats” is the URL of this website. When that website title and URL were decided upon this was the top keyword on the Internet and in the world of cats. It was by far the most popular keyword and the title and the popularity of this keyword combined to make this website …

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Blue Scottish Fold at the front remains calm during Russian shelling

Herych is a blue Scottish Fold and a cat celebrity and fundraiser for the Ukrainian military in the Ukraine war

It is astonishing to see a blue Scottish Fold as part of the Ukrainian army at the front line but Herych (Herald) is acquitting himself extraordinarily well. He is unfazed by the shelling. He turns his head towards the explosions in mild curiosity 😉 according to his human companion. Perhaps he has got used …

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Picture of jowly unneutered ginger tabby-and-white male cat with Ukraine soldier declares “Glory to our Defenders”.

Unneutered, jowly, ginger tabby-and-white stray domestic cat befriends a Ukrainian soldier and he is happy.

Glory to our Defenders! That’s the Twitter X message which accompanies this picture of a jowly, unneutered ginger tabby-and-white cat with a Ukrainian soldier. I love this cat. So masculine and in perfect harmony with the Ukrainian soldier. It is a nice example of how stray domestic cats in Ukraine during this horrendous and …

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