Bicolor cats infographic

Black and white bicolor Scottish Fold kitten from Russia (Siberia)

The infographic by me summarises information about bicolour cats. I hope you find it useful. There are image links to more pages on piebaldism and bicolour cats after the infographic.

Note: I am indebted to Sarah Hartwell of for her knowledge on piebaldism and the images in the middle of the infographic about grading. Other source: me and Gloria Stephens of Legacy of the Cat.

Cat genetics white spotting

Strange bicolour cat

My book on cat genetics (Robinson’s) tells me that there are three kinds of white spotting. Actually, it includes the all-white cat within cats described as having white spotting but, in this article, I will describe the following three types, (a) piebald spotting (b) gloving and (c) brisket spots and lockets. The pure white …

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Picture of a cobweb leopard

Cobweb panther or leopard

Cobweb leopards exhibit a form of vitiligo which in humans produces patches of pale, white skin due to a lack of melanin being produced by pigment producing cells called melanocytes. Glasgow Zoo, Scotland acquired a 10-year-old black leopard from Dublin Zoo, Ireland in the early 1980s. She was a cobweb leopard as she exhibited …

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