4 basic patterns of kitten play in an infographic

The 4 basic patterns of kitten play

The infographic summarises the four different fundamental types of kitten play in instinctive preparation for adulthood in the wild. The catch here is that adult domestic cats behave like kittens as humans keep them mentally that way and therefore, they continue to play as kittens into adulthood. We expect that but it is arguably …

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Young apes like to tease and monkey about with adults just like humans but why?

Young apes like to tease and monkey about with adults just like humans but why? It seems it is about testing social boundaries which requires intelligence.

This is another study which reminds us how close humans (the ‘naked ape’ as per Desmond Morris) are to our primate cousins the apes. A research study has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, which is the first to study the teasing behaviour of apes: chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans (4 …

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The reason why kittens, adult domestic cats and small wild cats play

Domestic cats playing

It might seem rather strange to state that this article is about the reason why domestic cats and kittens play because it looks obvious: to have fun, to enjoy themselves. There must be an element of fun in play but the primary reason why kittens play, it is believed, is to develop and reinforce …

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Happy cat owner tip 1: wearing wellies!

Wearing wellies to protect one's legs against your cat's play attack

This looks a bit strange – very strange perhaps – but effective. The idea comes from Rebecca Watson in her book The Cat Expert. I like the idea if you have a problem with your kitten or cat attacking your lower leg and/or ankles a lot. Wearing wellies protects them until they get out …

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What are the games that cats play?

4 fundamental types of domestic cat play

There are four fundamental types of domestic cat play: Play-fighting – practice for defending against predators and subduing prey. The mouse-pounce – practice in stalking small prey animals. The bird-swat – practice in attacking escaping birds by taking flight. The fish-scoop – practice in catching fish. You’ll see them during play either between kittens …

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Social play in the domestic cat – friendship, exercise and fun

This article, social play in the domestic cat is based upon a research paper of the same title dated 1974 and prepared at the Department of Psychology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 14850. The author is Meredith West. It was published on the Internet by Oxford Journals under the heading, Integrative and Comparative Biology. …

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