Ruth’s podcast: letting her cat, Monty, be himself

Monty's World

Ruth describes how she enjoys interacting with her cat, Monty, and letting him be himself and make his own decisions. She learned to get used to Monty being Monty. It is about people fitting in with their cat’s behavior. She also talks about the responsibilities of caring for a cat companion. Ruth enjoys accomodating …

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Ruth’s Podcast: on cat declawing, a North American phenomenon

Monty scratching a tree in the backyard

This is Ruth’s second podcast from Wisconsin, USA. She provides insights into cat guardianship (aka ownership) in a country which has the world’s largest number of domestic cats and cat lovers. It is a very full and quite detailed personal account of why Ruth rejected declawing and learned about the complications of the operation …

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Fascinating audio recording of British couple’s thoughts on cat ownership

Piedie a tortoiseshell cat

This is an interesting audio recording on the thoughts and ideas of a British couple, Barry and Kammy, on their relationship with their cat, Piedie, and on cat ownership in general. Piedie is a very sweet tortoiseshell cat. She is about 7-years-of-age. The recording also touches on the relationship between domestic cats and people …

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