Abuherrira’s Cat

Abuherrira's Cat

Abuherrira’s Cat was a legendary pet and a companion of the prophet Mohammed who featured in a poem by a celebrated German writer and statesman; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His poem is entitled ‘The Favoured Beast‘ in The Book of Paradise. Goethe writes about Abuherrira’s Cat as one of four favoured beasts, the other …

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Steve Connell’s Brilliant and Inspring Poem About Shelter Cats and Dogs

Steve Connell is a genius, nothing short of it. He performs his own poem “Let’s Go Home” in this video and it is simply brilliant and inspirational. The words are wonderful and the performance is perfection. …Pointless saying it but I will. The more adoptions from rescue centers the better. They save lives and …

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Ding Dong Dell Pussy’s in the Well

by Ruth (County Durham,England) Little Ruthie – the pussy that was in this particular well My only claim to fame when volunteering for Cats Protection was when our local newspaper printed the article entitled ‘Ding Dong Dell, Pussy’s in the Well’ Our CP co-ordinator had sent Babz and I to the garden of an …

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