When and how to make your cat vomit to treat poisoning

Insecticides are the most common cat poisons

I think that every cat owner should know when and how to make their cats vomit. It sounds a bit intimidating but making your cat vomit is an emergency cure or treatment for poisoning when a cat ingests something which is poisonous. It should be done quickly. To achieve this the owner needs to …

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How many cats does Molly-Mae have?

Molly-Mae Hague's 2 cats

We know how many cats Molly-Mae has because she and her cats are in the news today. There is a headline which states: “Molly-Mae Hague warned over ‘toxic danger’ to her cats in new £3 million mansion”. It’s important to note, however, that any articles about the number of cats that a person has …

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Are cats attracted to poisonous poinsettias?

It is believed that domestic cats don’t see red but it is suggested that they are attracted to the red poinsettia houseplant, which if true is something to be concerned about at Christmas because this house plant is used decoratively at Christmas which is on the horizon. Actually it has already started in many …

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House Plants Safe For Cats

House plants safe for cats is the opposite to house plants toxic to cats, obviously. I have built a page about plants poisonous to cats in general. Today, 17th Nov. 2010, I thought that it would be easier for visitors if I simply listed a short selection of popular house plants that we know …

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