Indiana police officer adopts a stray cat who followed him during a dispatched call

A police officer in Indianapolis, Indiana has a new addition to his family after adopting a stray cat who came out of the bushes during a dispatched call.

cat and officer
Officer Curry & Lionel (Facebook)

IMPD Northwest Officer Germayne Curry was on the scene of a dispatched call when the kitty, now dubbed “Lionel” came out of the bushes to investigate. Lionel followed the officers on the elevator to the call location.

After the call was completed and all was well, Lionel returned to the elevator with the officers. Lionel even jumped into the patrol car when Officer Curry opened the door. A Facebook post on the IMPD Northwest District community page described how attached officer and cat became.

β€œHe hopped in my car and the little guy immediately grew on me.”

cat adopted by police
Lionel jumped into patrol car (Facebook)

Officer Curry contacted Animal Control and inquired about adopting little Lionel. Five days later it was official. Lionel now has a forever home and Officer Curry has a cat who chose him as his ‘person.’



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Heartwarming story of a Louisiana deputy who adopted a kitten he rescued during Hurricane Barry

A four-week-old kitten has found herself a new home after she was involved in a crash in Thibodaux, Louisiana as Hurricane Barry approached. Her owner was injured in the wreck.

Deputy adopted kitten he found in vehicle after a crash (Facebook)

Deputy Harry Guillot is an officer with the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. As Hurricane Barry drew closer, the deputy responded to the crash and assisted the driver of the vehicle into an ambulance. When he returned to the car he found the kitten, who thankfully wasn’t injured.

Lafourche Parish map

Animal Control was called to take the kitten and keep her safe during the storm. Although Barry was downgraded to a tropical storm shortly after making downfall, it was still very dangerous and people. Officials ordered a mandatory evacuation for areas south of Leon Theriot Lock in Golden Meadow, including Port Fourchon.

When Deputy Guillot contacted the driver he learned she would no longer be able to care for the kitten. So he adopted her himself and named her “Crash.”

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook community page says they’re happy to report Crash survived her first hurricane. officer and kitten

Somethings are ‘meant to be’ (Facebook)Thank you, Deputy Guillot, for taking this precious kitten into your home. Some things are just meant to be.


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Kitten crosses a busy road and ‘climbs’ a police officer who was directing traffic after a wreck

A Gaffney, South Carolina police officer has a new addition to her family after rescuing a kitten who literally came to her for help as the officer worked traffic following a bad wreck.

kitten rescued
Jennifer and Bravely (Facebook: Jennifer Terrell Dotson)

Jennifer Dotson was at an eight-lane intersection Wednesday night when she heard a small ‘meow.’ When she shined her flashlight toward the sound Jennifer saw two reflective eyes looking back at her.

When Jennifer realized she was dealing with a kitten, she did what many of us would do. She meowed back at the kitten, who quickly ran across the entire road. Then the kitten crawled up her leg and sat on her shoulder while Jennifer directed traffic.

“Soooo, last night I had to work traffic for a bad wreck. As I was in the intersection (8 lane), I heard a small meow. I shined my flashlight over and saw 2 reflective eyes looking at me. I meowed back. Surprisingly, this teeny tiny little kitten came running to me across the entire road, crawled up my leg and sat on my shoulder while I directed traffic.Anything that brave deserves a chance. Meet Bravely. Our new addition πŸ’™πŸˆ”

kitten posing
Jennifer posted a new one of her kitten

What a cutie! Have fun with your new baby, Jennifer. And thank you for rescuing this sweet baby.


“Thank you to everyone who liked and shared Bravely’s story. I have received tons of friend requests but I was already at the maximum they will allow. You will have to hit “follow” on my acct and see her journey. I’ll be sure it is set to public when I share pics of her. Apparently, someone stole my pic and posted it in another app, Reddit. Shame on them, Thou shall not steal.πŸˆπŸ’™”

The kitten as photographed by Jennifer.
The kitten as photographed by Jennifer and published on FB.


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Kitten rescued from Lexington PD patrol car engine finds a forever home

According to a Twitter post by the Lexington, South Carolina Police Department, two officers are not only credited with rescuing a kitten, they also found the sweet baby a forever home within the department.

Corporal Dustin Currier found the black and white kitten Friday morning after the little guy became entrapped in the void of his patrol car engine. Officer Justin Carrabetta had to take apart the wheel well to reach the kitten.

Another officer, Lt. Carroll Bledsoe of the Lexington Patrol Division offered the kitten a forever home with the Bledsoe family.

Our thanks go out to the officers who saved the kitten. Please feel free to go to their Facebook page and complement them for a job well done.

Photos courtesy of Lexington PD Twitter.

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Rescue Cat Adds Soul and Charm to a New York Police Station

I hope this catches on. I’m guessing (although I have not been inside one – yet) that police stations are rather soulless, forbidding places where macho men deal with the day-to-day difficulties of maintaining law and order. Is not the sort of place where you would expect to see a resident cat.

Martin a police station cat
Martin a police station cat

I think the deputy inspector of the police station is showing an incredibly enlightened and progressive attitude to allow the officers to keep a cat on site. A kitten was abandoned on the doorstep of the police station to the New York Police Department’s 60th Precinct. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that they should take the kitten to an animal rescue centre, officer Martin D Costanza decided, with the backing of the other officers, to suggest to Deputy Inspector William Taylor that they should adopt him as a police station cat.

Fortunately, William Taylor is an animal lover and he agreed, I suppose, on condition that he was looked after properly in an organised way. Taylor, though, did agree to pay for the cat’s food and treats. They named him Martin. He looks like a “Martin”.

The officers pooled their funds to pay for the usual veterinary treatments such as neutering and micro-chipping. Martin has settled in beautifully. He has his own baskets for snoozing in. He has multiple food stations and toys aplenty.

Martin a police station cat
Martin a police station cat

He looks entirely at home and it is impossible to deny that he has enhanced the ambience of the police station, giving it a more inviting atmosphere. Not that you want to be invited to go to the police station but I think you know what I mean.

Quite naturally word got out about Martin’s presence at the police station and he has generated a fan club who want to make donations for his upkeep. They are politely notified that they can make donations to the local rescue centre.

Mr Taylor says that he has the run of the precinct and that he turns up to roll Call every morning to inspect the officers. Above all else, Martin spreads joy to those working at the station.

I’m sure also that he spreads some joy to visitors to the station under what must frequently be difficult and stressful circumstances. Let’s see more of this please.

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