Brazilian journalist wants to adopt police station cat who interrupted his TV presentation

Journalist befriends cat who interrupted his reporting

Brazilian journalist Artur Lira is genuinely fond of cats judging by what happened when he was about to present a report on television outside a police station. As you can see in the Facebook video, the black-and-white cat interrupted his television report. He just laughed off the moment and enjoyed it. The perfect reaction …

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NC police officer saves cat from becoming dog fighting bait. Now she’s his new partner

When a police officer with the Hillsborough, North Carolina Police Department rescued a female cat on Facebook Marketplace who was about to become bait for a dog fighting ring, he never dreamed the cat would become his new partner. Lt. Andy Simmons and Officer Mercy Meow have formed a bond over the last few …

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Thanks to a Twitter challenge, Chicago PD has their first cat recruit for the ‘Meownted Unit’

This cat tale began back on October 16 when Chicago police officers from the 14th District visited an elementary school with a K-9 officer. Now the department has Pawfficer Gizmo, Chicago’s very own first recruit for the “Meownted Unit.” During the school visit, one student noticed the police didn’t employee any F-9 (feline) officers. The …

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New Zealand Police Department cat gains global fame after Facebook video goes viral

A laid-back cat at the Wellington District Police Department in New Zealand has attained global fame after her owner posted a video on the PD’s Facebook page. To date, the video has been viewed 870,000 times and has 6,300 comments. Constable Kerry Morrell and his cat Tia work in the crime office. Tia enjoys …

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