Police officers’ dereliction of duty under the Fourth Amendment results in a $16 million civil lawsuit and a dog’s death

Lawyer for the victims delivers a speech at a conference

NEWS AND COMMENT: The basics in this Fox News story are pretty straightforward. Three police officers in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA, entered an apartment unlawfully because they had failed to obtain a warrant where they shot a dog twice and tasered the dog. The dog was fatally harmed and euthanised. The three police …

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Ohio cop’s shooting of a golden retriever who approached him calls into question the police vetting process

The moment Dixie is shot by Officer Palmer

NEWS AND VIEWS-LORAIN, OHIO, USA: I have watched the relevant section of this viral video currently being extensively reported by the news media and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Ohio police department’s vetting procedure when employing new police officers is inadequate. There is no question in my mind that the …

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“Humane” police use injured animals for target practice

Some police officers believe it is the most humane thing you can do, to place an injured animal at the target end of a firing range and to use him/her for target practice. It sounds disgusting and astonishing but that apparently is what some coppers who are part of the Merced police actually believe. …

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