polydactyl cat

Why does polydactyly occur in cats?

Polydactylism occurs in cats because of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

4 months ago

Where do polydactyl cats come from?

If you live in America it believed that polydactyl cats were brought to the country as ship's cats from England.…

4 months ago

Do polydactyl cats have problems?

Polydactyl cats have one problem which is untypical of domestic cats with the normal amount of toes. A polydactyl cat's…

4 months ago

Can big cats be polydactyl?

Can big cats be polydactyl? The answer is probably, yes. Although, having read a lot about the big cats and…

1 year ago

I’m getting a polydactyl kitten this week. Aside from extra toes, are there any other things I need to worry about?

A Quora.com visitors asks, "I’m getting a polydactyl kitten this week aside from extra toes, are there any other things…

2 years ago

Hemingway cats in Key West will be free to roam during Hurricane Irma

There is a mass evacuation of parts of Florida by people before Hurricane Irma strikes the state. Irma is said…

3 years ago

American Polydactyl Cat

The American polydactyl cat is an American cat with more than the usual number of toes. It is not a…

4 years ago

A Chance to Adopt an American Polydactyl Rescue Cat

If you live in the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, USA or within reasonable driving distance this is a chance to…

5 years ago

Quite perplexed regarding my “Rockie” kitten…help?

by Cindy Dye (Woodland, AL, USA) Rockie riding in Laci's baby stroller. Rockie's markings on her chest. Rockie playing with…

8 years ago

Our New Polydactyl Arrival

by Kathy White (Ingleside, Il. USA) Last weekend we found a so called stray cat. My neighbor Bill (my fellow…

8 years ago