Why do cats join you in the bathroom?

Why do cats join us in the bathroom?

Often the reason why cats join you in the bathroom is because through the scent of your faeces and urine you have advertised your presence and metaphorically given them a calling card and an invitation to come. The word ‘bathroom’ in America euphemistically means a toilet. You could rephrase the question, ‘Why do cats …

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Proposed local law to deal with domestic cats pooping in neighbor’s backyard

Cat wandering outside

For American who don’t live with a cat (and even those who do), one of life’s annoyances is their neighbour’s cat peeing and pooping on their carefully tended backyard. We read about it quite a lot online. It is an area of domestic cat ‘ownership’ which is liable to cause friction. Another is the …

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Cat smart enough to make his own litter tray when access to his was barred

This is a cute little story which really could be told in one sentence and one photo but I have expanded on it as this form of cat behaviour is interesting. The cat’s owner (guardian) accidentally closed the doorway which provided access to her cat’s litter tray. Just outside the closed door was a …

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Cats Go Completely Bonkers After Pooping? I’ve Never Seen It

Cat poop excitment

The website “The Dodo” states in an article that the domestic cat goes bonkers after defecating. I have never seen it. In fact I don’t remember seeing any article about it until reading the Dodo article. Apparently, the behaviour is called the “zooms” or post-poop freak-outs. How common is it and what might be …

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