23 facts about domestic and stray cats in Portugal

Stray cats of Portugal

Comment: the stray cat problem is as usual down to irresponsible cat caregiving in failing to spay and neuter their animals. The solution as always is education. A lot of the problems concerning the human-to-cat relationship is down to a lack of education. It leads to animal cruelty. Not deliberately but as a consequence …

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Law prohibiting cat and dog euthanasia in Portuguese shelters has resulted in more strays

Lisbon stray cat

I just discovered that last September a federal law came into force in Portugal which prohibits the euthanasia of companion animals at shelters. I can’t find the law on the Internet. It would appear to be an attempt to instantly create genuine no-kill shelters across the country. However, it’s not working. It is not …

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Woman says that she contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome by stroking a stray cat

Gemma on holiday

Gemma Birch believes that she contracted the very rare Guillain-Barré syndrome because she stroked a stray cat in Albufeira, Portugal in 2014. She said that she was left paralysed from the hips down after she contracted the bacterial infection from a stray cat. She liked the cat during her holiday at a resort and …

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Got an old washing machine? Use it as a cat shelter.

Old washing machines used for cat homes1

A veterinarian in Portugal, supported by the local council has started an imaginative program of providing individual shelters for stray and feral cats using old washing machines. I am referring to the ones that you load horizontally of course. I realise that in the US there are some enormous vertical loading machines. It sounds …

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Iberian lynx population 2017

Iberian lynx

The latest information on the ‘Iberian lynx population 2017’ is from a survey completed in 2012 by a scientist whose name is Simón (and his colleagues). They estimated that the population has increased to 156 mature individuals living in two subpopulations (there are 2 separate areas where this cat lives). In addition there has …

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The Abduction of Mr No Ears A Well-Known Feral Cat in Portugal

Mr No Ears

“Mr No Ears” is a famous semi-feral cat who used to live in a well-known colony of cats, the Peneco Beach Colony, in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal. The colony was under the protection of the Albufeira Municipality. The colony was cared for by a registered street-cat charity called Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve (AGA). They …

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