Should I use a spray bottle on my cat?

Should I use a stray bottle on my cat?

There are different views on this and some websites actively recommend it as a cat trainig method. Apparently in a proportion of US homes there are spray bottles in every room! These are, in effect, water pistols used to squirt water at domestic cats who are on surfaces which are forbidden by the owner. …

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Is Punishment Appropriate for Cats? What are Better Training Methods for Felines?

When kitty is behaving ‘badly’, in order to quickly ‘correct’ this unacceptable conduct, far too often owners will resort to punishing their cat. One of the most popular methods used is the ‘tried and true’ squirt bottle. And even though cats don’t respond well to punishment and negative ‘reinforcement’ there still remain many so-called …

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Best selling author agrees with PoC on cat punishment

Temple Grandin, in association with Catherine Johnson, in their book “Animals Make Us Human” agrees with me and other PoC supporters and regulars (who are very important to this website in getting the message across) that.. “…you can’t train a cat using punishment and negative reinforcement….” Click on this link if you’d like to …

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