Comparing cat and dog ages with human age in a table (and more)

Cat and dog age comparison to human age

It is perhaps quite interesting to compare how both cats and dogs age in comparison to humans. You’ll see a lot of cat age charts compared to human age and likewise you’ll see the same for dogs but how about a direct cat to dog comparison? There are complications! There would be wouldn’t there. …

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Can coyotes climb trees to catch cats?

Leading coyote gets cat in tree

Coyotes kill an awful lot of domestic cats in the US each year but we don’t know how many. They are probably America’s greatest predator of family cats and a reason why many keep them inside permanently. I have seen instances of domestic cats escaping coyotes when they climb a tree and I have …

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Why a robotic vacuum cleaner might be better than a standard one for a cat owner

Cat rides on a vacuum cleaner

This point has not been discussed as far as I am aware. The potential problem came to me this morning. We know that nearly all domestic cats are frightened of vacuum cleaners because of the noise they make. To a domestic cat they can look like a hostile, noisy predator. And pushing the vacuum …

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Internationally almost 50% of domestic cats are kept indoors for their safety

Snoozing comfortable cat indoors

Almost 50% of domestic cats, based on an international survey, are kept indoors for their safety as their owners are worried about traffic, being attacked by a predator or stolen by thieves. The survey found that in the US and Canada 80.6% of domestic cats are kept indoors at all times, a figure higher …

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Recent study tells us that British cat owners won’t confine their cats to protect wildlife

New law: outside cats must wear wide, brightly coloured collars

A recent study by the University of Exeter tried to get into the minds of British cat owners to find out their feelings about their domestic cats preying on wildlife and whether they would consider confining their cat to protect wildlife and to make their lives safer. What I take away from the study …

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Surveillance camera records mountain lion attacking and carrying away domestic cat

Cougar attacks domestic cat

WARNING: HARD TO WATCH VIDEO. This is an difficult to watch video if you are a cat lover but the strong of heart will steel themselves. It is, however, a reminder of the dangers to house cats from predators in parts of America. Attacks from predators is not something that concerns the cat owners …

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