Australian cats convicted of serial killing to be imprisoned in perpetuity

The domestic cat as a criminal to be imprisoned in Australia

Banning domestic cats from public places in all Australia is now a distinct possibility. The war by the authorities against free-roaming domestic cats and feral cats in Australia has been relentless and it is having an effect on the attitudes of the citizens. The vast majority support confining cats to the home all the …

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Pointless task in listing all the species of animal that the domestic cat eats

Domestic cat predation

The New Scientist reports on a group of scientists who are drawing up a comprehensive list of all the animals that the domestic cat eats. So far, their list contains 2048 species made up of “981 birds, 463 reptiles, 431 mammals – including humans – 119 insects, 57 amphibians and another 33 species belonging …

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Cats would be better pets if they weren’t great predators

The domestic cat is a top predator. Should we live with them?

Many cat owners might say that their domestic cat companion is an excellent pet. I’m going to say something which is almost heretical and something which sounds anti-cat as if said by a cat hater. But I’m not; I am a cat lover and a realist. And with that character trait, I have to …

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12 bad things that can happen when your cat brings in a mouse

Cat catches a mouse and brings it into the home and causes negative consequences for the owner

Last night my cat brought in a mouse. And a lot of things happened which were negative to my life and one thing that was negative to his as it happens. I’ll list them here. There you have a dozen negatives impacting my life just because I live with a top line predator who …

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Temple officials in India fear that ultrasonic rat repellents will disturb the gods’ sleep

Temple officials in India fear that ultrasonic rat repellents will disturb the gods but CATS are ineffective in getting rid of them

NEWS AND OPINION-JAGANNATH TEMPLE, INDIA: For me, this is an interesting clash between religious belief and practicalities. And in passing it is about cats! The 12th century Jagannath Temple in eastern India is revered by Hindus. It is a pilgrimage site. It is beloved and a very important temple. But it is under attack …

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Example of how a journalist carelessly distorts information on domestic and feral cat predation

Don't trust newspaper journalists to get cat predation rates correct!

I think that this is important. I have been digging around because I know that journalists writing for respected websites including news media website often distort the facts. They make claims and hard statements which simply are not true. They quote scientific reports but in doing so they actually misquote them. This is a …

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