Roadside zoo “Wildlife in Need” – further court injunction stopping big cat abuse


Tim Stark owns a controversial Indiana roadside zoo called “Wildlife in Need” (an ironic name as the cats in it are in desparate need of removal from the place). He is associated with Jo Exotic who is currently in prison serving a life sentence for conspiracy to murder Carole Baskin. The news out today …

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Should tigers be housed together?

Sumatran tiger

People are using Google’s search engine to find out if tigers should be housed together when in captivity. And the answer is no because tigers are solitary animals. A zoo needs to replicate, as best they can, what happens in the wild. Clearly they are unable to do it because in captivity they normally …

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Notorious “Tiger King” Joe Exotic injected staff with big cat tranquilliser when they had the flu

Kirkham and Exotic

This is another tidbit of exotic Americana; the world of private zoos, exotic cats and equally exotic names and behaviour. Joe Exotic has been in the news a lot recently because he is serving a 22 year prison sentence for planning to kill Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue fame. He hated her because …

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Joe Exotic is a likeable man who bred tigers to create money-spinning cubs for photoshoots

Joe Exotic and Theroux

On the first day of their lives, Joe Exotic took cubs from their mothers that he had deliberately bred to exploit them. When the cubs grew up they were surplus to requirements and parked at the back of his wildlife park. Joe Exotic is pleased that he has become famous (infamous actually) because of …

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Netflix film about the battle between Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic is a big hit

Carole Baskin versus Joe Exotic

It’s been reported that the feud over big cats between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the founder and owner of Big Cat Rescue (BCR), as documented by Netflix in their film “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is the most watched show in the UK and the US only weeks after being launched with …

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Zoos should become extinct because they fail to educate and preserve

Zoos should be phased out

I am very happy that a millionaire conservationist who inherited a zoo from his parents has said that small zoos should be closed within ten years and the larger ones in 20-30 years. He’s going to convert his zoo to a rescue centre eventually. The reasons he provides are cogent. In fact when you …

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