Question your veterinarian about prescribing antibiotics without proof of a bacterial infection

Don't accept antibiotics from your veterinarian unless they are clearly indicated

I’m going to be slightly provocative. But I think cat caregivers should sometimes, gently and politely, challenge their veterinarian. And there’s one particular treatment where this attitude may be important. It is the prescription of antibiotics. I think it is probably known that veterinarians tend to prescribe antibiotics as a precaution. They don’t know …

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Why probiotics might boost the health of purebred cats

My research on the feline immune system and in writing about purebred cats over 15 years, leads me to believe that a probiotic supplement or probiotic cat food may be beneficial to the health and welfare of a purebred cat. Below I set out my reasoning for this conclusion in bullet fashion to keep …

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Should I give my cat probiotics?

Probiotic powdered supplement may improve your cat's health by improving their gut bacteria

Although I have never given my cat probiotics, I am considering it quite seriously and I’ll tell you why. There are two good reasons. With skin problems, problems affecting the stomach and intestines are the most common reason why people take their cats to the vet. The second point is that there appears to …

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