Are plant proteins as good as animal proteins for cats?

Are plant proteins as good as animal proteins in respect of domestic cats?

The answer to the question in the title is YES but please read the article and feel free to chip in especially if you are an expert nutritionist. Comments are welcome. Compared to animal proteins, it is said that some plant proteins are incomplete in terms of amino acids and when we talk about …

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Working out the protein content of wet and dry cat food for comparison (infographic)

Protein content of wet versus dry cat food comparison

I am happy with this infographic which I hope explains in a clear way how to compare the protein content of wet and dry cat foods. It can be puzzling. The protein content is important as protein is the most important nutrient in cat food. From time to time a cat caregiver might want …

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Threats of a £20,000 fine and jail if cat and dog owners put their pets on a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian cat food

UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: The Daily Mail is reporting on a story which I find a bit extreme. They say that the Blue Cross charity are reminding dog owners (we have to include cat owners as well) that if they feed their dog a vegetarian diet because of their beliefs, they could be …

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Practical implications for the cat being a strict carnivore

African wildcat in urban environment

We hear a lot about the cat being a ‘strict carnivore’ (obligate carnivore) but what does it mean in practical terms to the person looking after their cat? I’d like to explore that briefly in this article. The domestic cat is said to have “nutritional idiosyncrasies”. In other words a cat’s diet is idiosyncratic …

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Insect protein, millet and fava beans: the new ingredients for cat food

Insect based pet food from Nestle

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): It’s good news and a step in the right direction in protecting the planet while providing our cat companions with high quality food in line with their specific dietary requirements. Although it looks odd and some cat owners will reject the idea, Nestlé is launching cat and dog food based …

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Cat food made from insects

Cat and grasshopper

There are compelling reasons to manufacture cat food from insects as it is a natural food resource for cats and an excellent source of protein. Importantly, the environmental footprint from insect produced protein is far less than for the equivalent protein produced from cows. Perhaps the obstacle in creating pet food from insects is …

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