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Can cats eat eggs?

Can cats eat eggs?

Yes, domestic cats can eat eggs but there’s stuff to discuss and the answer should be qualified with a caution about cats eating raw eggs because of the danger of a bacterial infection. Ingredients...

Puma eating flesh - animal protein and fat

Why do cats need protein?

Cats need animal protein. They have a higher requirement for protein in their diets than dogs and humans. They need protein so that they can route animo acids (protein is a chain of amino...

Cat and grasshopper

Cat food made from insects

There are compelling reasons to manufacture cat food from insects as it is a natural food resource for cats and an excellent source of protein. Importantly, the environmental footprint from insect produced protein is...

Cat eats mouse

How much protein do cats need?

I have two different answers to the question in the title followed by some confusion and I am surprised. From the respected book Wild Cats of the World, I have the information that for...

Thomas a 26-year-old rescue cat

What To Feed A Senior Cat

Reduced calorie intake and a high quality, protein rich diet is the general guide for senior cats. This is about feeding geriatric cats. It’s an important topic because it can prevent obesity. Feline obesity...

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