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Muscular puma

2 pictures of muscular pumas

Here are two pictures of muscular pumas and when I saw them, particularly the first one, I was taken aback somewhat because I am one of those people who think of pumas as bearing...

Puma at night

Puma cat – all aspects with links to more

This is a leading or links page on the Puma cat. The links lead to other pages that expand on the particular topics discussed. As there are links to lots more information, this page...

White puma

Can pumas be white?

In 2020, there is no evidence that pumas can be white but this may change in the future.


What is the largest mountain lion on record?

There will be a dispute about this but I believe that I have a definitive record for the largest or heaviest (should be the same) mountain lion on record because it was certified by...


How much do pumas weigh?

The size of this cat is frequently overestimated. For example, a so-called recordholder was killed in 1958 in Paraguay. This giant puma weighed 170 kg. It was reported in the Sports Afield Hunting Annual....

Mountain Lion Description

Mountain Lion Description

The puma is neither a big cat nor a small cat although it is the largest native North American cat. The puma has a large body with a small cat’s cranium. Perhaps though this...

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