Why probiotics might boost the health of purebred cats

My research on the feline immune system and in writing about purebred cats over 15 years, leads me to believe that a probiotic supplement or probiotic cat food may be beneficial to the health and welfare of a purebred cat. Below I set out my reasoning for this conclusion in bullet fashion to keep …

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Domestic cats are struggling to keep up with our expectations in 2022

Selectively bred cat to meet human expectations

There will have to be far more controlled, selective breeding of domestic cats to create a companion animal which is more able to keep up with our expectations than is currently the case. Dr. Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense states that up until about 30 years ago the domestic cat kept up with …

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Could my cat be part Maine Coon?

2x Cute Fluffy Half maine coon kittens for sale

Your cat could be part Maine Coon but the only way you might be able to find out is with a DNA test (but see below). I can see that one so-called expert website states that you can confirm if you own a part Maine Coon by looking into their eyes. I am afraid …

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Certain breeds of cat and purebred cats generally contract FIP more often than mixed breed cats

Birman cat breed

FIP is feline infectious peritonitis; a serious disease. It is progressive, systemic and it produces a range of symptoms. It has a high mortality rate. It is therefore of great interest to people in terms of cat health and welfare. I have a page written in layperson’s terms about FIP which you can read …

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Difference between tabby and domestic shorthair?

Tabby domestic shorthair

As a tabby cat is frequently a domestic shorthair cat, the question doesn’t make sense as it is trying to ask the difference between two types of domestic cat when the two descriptions often apply to the same individual cat as you see in the photograph below. In fact, tabby is the most common …

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154 purebred cats smuggled from China to Taiwan by sea have been put down

164 smuggled purebred cats euthanised for biosecurity reasons

NEWS AND COMMENT – TAIWAN: I wrote about this earlier. It concerns a smuggling operation when purebred cats of great value are smuggled from mainland China to Taiwan using the sea route. The smugglers have been intercepted and the cats confiscated. It is now reported in The Guardian newspaper that, in total, the cats …

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Unbelievable: UK households buy 3.2 million animals in lockdown

Social isolation during coronavirus lockdowns have encouraged people to adopt new pets

Online news media reports that a £500m investor plans to cash in on the cats and dogs boom. What boom? The coronavirus cat and dog boom. It’s bizarre and frankly disturbing if it takes a pandemic to provoke people who’ve not had a pet cat or dog before to dive in and adopt one …

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What cats live the longest?

Poppy and Geoff. Poppy is 27

It probably helps to divide up the world of cats into five brackets when answering the question in the title. The reason for this is because each group has, in general, a different lifespan. Random bred domestic cats living in good homes Purebred domestic cats living in good homes Stray and feral cats Wild …

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