Nebraska rabies scare is about raccoons not about domestic cats as inferred by the Daily Mail

Stanley a kitten who caught a variant of the rabies virus from a raccoon it is believed - in Nebraska, USA.

The Daily Mail online, a paper that I read sometimes and which is normally of good quality, has misrepresented a rabies scare in Nebraska, USA. The way the story has been pitched, it encourages people to believe that a five-week-old tuxedo kitten has started a rabies infection in Nebraska which might spread to other …

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Can cats mate with raccoons?

Raccoon and cats. Are raccoons smarter than cats?

The question in the title is a reference to the myth that the famous Maine Coon cat is named after a domestic cat x raccoon hybrid offspring in the 19th century when a domestic cat mate with a wandering and horny raccoon. Some people still believe and say that a raccoon can mate with …

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“My cat is goddam KING”. Cat defends his home against inquisitive raccoon.

Cat defends home from raccoon

The video has gone viral. A security camera outside the door to the home of Lindsay Mills recorded the unusual event. An inquisitive raccoon gingerly sniffs his way up the steps towards the cat door (cat flap). When he arrives he gets a nasty surprise. The defence of territory comes before all else for …

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Texas veterinarian declaws ‘quite a few’ raccoons a week

Declawed raccoon

These are pet raccoons. The owners are particularly keen to have their long, non-retractible claws removed on all four paws. Raccoons’ claws are attached to bone like cats. Declawing raccoons is similar to declawing cats. Safari Animal Care Center in Texas appears to be very profitable and profit motivated. Hence their disregard for the …

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Raccoons And Cats

Web surfers want to know whether cats and raccoons can coexist peaceably. Also they want to know whether a raccoon can kill a cat or vice versa. Not having the benefit of seeing raccoons and cats together, I embarked on some research. The conclusion is that raccoons and cats normally coexist fairly peaceably. I …

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