Spanish cat rescue did all they could to save a desperately thin cat


This is a sweet and sad cat rescue story from Spain. I am very impressed with this rescue organisation. The non-profit cat rescue based in the south of Spain, Happy Pets Rescue, rescued this emaciated female cat from the streets on June 28th 2018. The video and photos are a bit distressing. Happy Pets …

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What happens when a cat dies?

What happens when a cat dies? It is more or less the same as when a human dies. There is either a cremation or burial. The cremation should be an individualized cremation organized by the owner. A veterinarian will organize a multiple-shared cremation. You can do what you like with the ashes. Is there an afterlife?

Confusion over What the Pope Said or Didn’t Say about Animals Going to Heaven

Ninety percent of internet news media jumped on the bandwagon (including this site) to say that Pope Francis stated that animals go to heaven. He didn’t, we are told. The source of my version was the respected, Times newspaper. The remaining 10% are now saying that Pope Francis did not say this and that …

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Pope Francis Says That Cats Go To Heaven

Conservative Catholics have a no-pets policy with respect to heaven because they say animals cannot pass through the Pearly Gates of heaven because they neither have souls nor are they baptised. In addition, animals don’t have the free will to decide between good and evil. The current Pope is named after Francis, the patron …

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Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

I believe heaven is for real, and our precious pets go there when they die. There, they wait for us, and may occasionally pay a pop-in visit back in our world. Just to be sure we’re doing well without them. The topic of heaven and our pets always makes my head spin. I truly …

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