Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss.

Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss. They use these weapons.

The title sounds too negative. It almost sounds as if it was written by a cat hater. But no, the words come from the world’s most prolific and best-known veterinarian/author in one of the best books on the domestic cat: Complete Cat Care. He is Dr Bruce Fogle DVM, and he likes cats. And …

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11 types of domestic cat aggression and how to resolve them

This is an outline of 11 different types of domestic cat aggression that you might be confronted with and how to resolve them. They concern both aggression towards other cats and human caregivers. Intercat – territorial aggression – this commonly occurs when a new cat is introduced to a resident cat’s home. It is …

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Why do domestic cats fight?

In preparation for hostility

The question in the title should be extended to feral and stray cats and the answer is the same in any case. Territory The root cause of the majority of domestic cats fighting is a defence of their home range. The ‘home range’ is the territory which they consider their own. It is interesting …

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Woman hospitalized after savage attack by Bengal cat causing deep wounds

Gash on the arm allegedly caused by a Bengal cat

Sheffield, UK-news and views: Barbara Neal claims that her neighbour’s Bengal cat attacked her savagely without provocation (see my comment at base of page, she did provoke the cat without realising it). She says that her neighbour’s Bengal cat is allowed to wander freely and had been coming into her home. She says that …

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How to calm an angry cat

Angry grey cat?

How do you calm an angry cat? The first thing to do is to remove yourself from the vicinity of the angry cat. Don’t force the issue. This action in itself will solve a lot of the problems to do with angry cats. It will certainly solve the problem if the angry cat doesn’t …

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3 reasons why your cat bites you during petting

Biting after or during petting session

I can think of three reasons why a domestic cat might bite their owner during petting. The first is often discussed which is that domestic cats can be overstimulated by petting whereby the cat interprets it as play and, as we know, play incorporates biting. It’s not malicious biting but what I would describe …

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Nice cat attacked owner as he excitedly opened his Christmas present

Man attacked by his cat

On YouTube, there are 8,309 comments for this video and not one, that I can see, answers the question why this nice cat attacked his owner when he opened a Christmas present. They all make jokes about it which I can understand but it would be nice and instructive to try and figure out …

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Cat companion bites women singing into camera. Why?

Cat attack

The infographic explains why this cat attacked her human guardian/companion while she was singing into the camera. The video is below the infographic. Note: videos on this site are often made by third parties and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses. Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops …

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