Wonder cats: Trained to speed dial 911

Beautiful red tabby cat

This is the story of Tommy, a red tabby cat who lived (and may still live) with a guy called Gary Rosheisen. Gary was wheelchair-bound. He suffered from osteoporosis and occasionally had mini-strokes which affected his balance. He lived alone in an apartment with Tommy. He had acquired Tommy three years previous to the …

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Food loving cat likes to stick his arm through a gap on the hinge side of the fridge door

Carrot the cat loves his food

MARYLAND, USA: He’s Carrot, a smart ginger tabby cat. He was fostered by Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor after he was rescued as a kitten from a gas station by a friend who works at an animal hospital. Zardus and Taylor adopted him and he has grown into a handsome and smart cat who …

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Picture of lentigo simplex cat

Lentigo in an orange cat

You know those black freckles on the tip of the nose, gums, eyelids and the lips of an orange (ginger, yellow, red) cat? You have probably seen them and wondered what they were and if they were a health problem. Well, they are not a health problem and the experts call this skin ‘disorder’ …

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Picture of boy holding rifle and dead ginger cat he shot

Boy holds dead cat in left hand and rifle in the right

2 NOTICES: WARNING AS THIS PICTURE IS NOT PLEASANT. Secondly, in some ways I am sorry to publish the picture. Yes, I am reluctant to do it. I have blurred the child’s face and the text on his shirt to anonymize him although Facebook has not. I know how people become sick of this …

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