Cat redirected aggression or pain-induced aggression

Cat redirected aggression

Dr Fogle calls redirected aggression pain-induced aggression (it is also referred to as ‘transferred aggression’). I have not seen that alternative term before. It seems to me that the pain that is induced can be either physical or emotional. Although Fogle means that it is physical pain. He thinks that it might happen as …

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Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss.

Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss. They use these weapons.

The title sounds too negative. It almost sounds as if it was written by a cat hater. But no, the words come from the world’s most prolific and best-known veterinarian/author in one of the best books on the domestic cat: Complete Cat Care. He is Dr Bruce Fogle DVM, and he likes cats. And …

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A day in the life of a cat caregiver: transferred aggression-maggots-guard cat!

My cat Gabriel

This is one day in the life of my relationship with my cat companion. It might be fairly typical as all these things happen to every cat caregiver from time to time. Or perhaps they don’t and if not, I would like to hear from people. Transferred aggression I guess you know what transferred …

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11 types of domestic cat aggression and how to resolve them

This is an outline of 11 different types of domestic cat aggression that you might be confronted with and how to resolve them. They concern both aggression towards other cats and human caregivers. Intercat – territorial aggression – this commonly occurs when a new cat is introduced to a resident cat’s home. It is …

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Domestic cat attacks their own tail because of redirected aggression

Cat playing with tail

I’ve just bumped into another reason why a domestic cat might attack their own tail. We see a lot of this but it is normally in play. It’s just chasing their tail but if they end up biting their tail hard and even, God forbid, going further and biting off the tip of their …

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